We supply Decking Materials (decking screws, clips etc.) and Stuctural Materials (beams, joints, brackets etc.)








Balau is a tropical hardwood. It is a very dense tightly grained wood that is heavily laden with rich tropical oils and resins. Balau is a very hard wood and very durable. Balau has very similar characteristics to Teak but at a much lower cost compared to Teak.
Texture: Very fine and even.
Colour: Heartwood is grey brown to dark brown.
Janka Hardness: 1642
Garapa has great properties - Our Garapa is kiln dried which makes it very stable. Garapa is insect and rot resistant, easier to work with than some other hardwoods, it lasts an exceptionally long time. This wood is quickly becoming an alternative for those who don't like a darker hardwood like Ipé, but still want a good quality, stable, sustainable project wood for a good price. Insist that your Garappa is kiln dried to avoid any shrinkage or movement. The Garapa species, sometimes known as Brazilian Ash, is resistant to rot, decay, splinters, scratches, and even fire, without any chemical treatments. Harder than oak and bearing a smooth surface, Garappa is an ideal wood choice for exterior decking.
Colour: Garapa is a beautiful South American hardwood featuring a light yellow to golden brown color.
Janka Hardness: 1700
Massaranduba is a durable and hardwearing timber. This is one of the better decking timbers but more costly that Balau or Garapa. A very hard and durable timber that can also be used for construction purposes.
Botanical name: Manilkara bidentara
Family: Sapotaceae
Distribution: Central America
Janka Hardness: 3190
Ipê (pronounced E-pay) originates from countries in Central and South America. Ipê decking has natural properties that make it the toughest and longest lasting decking materials available. Ipê decks provide a touch of glass and elegance to any outdoor space.
Ipê Decking Features:
Ipê decking is world renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. Ipê wood decking has an extremely dense and tight grain. The grain of Ipê wood can be both wavy and straight. Due to the wood's fine texture and interlocking grain, Ipê offers superior slip resistance.
Colour: Ipê heartwood is a rich brown with red and amber hues.
Janka Hardness: 3342
The common name "Jarrah" is also the aboriginal word for both the tree and timber. Jarrah timber reflects the tones of the southwest WA landscape from where it comes from, with very deep red colours seen in the heartwood. Jarrah has an attractive grain with some incidence of wavy or interlocking grain occuring, and a moderately coarse texture. Jarrah timber is quite similar to red ironbark in which it is a very dense and hard timber, both sharing the deep red colours. Jarrah is also naturally weather, rot, termite and marine borer resistant making it a highly durable timber for outdoor purposes, however the sapwood of the timber is Lyctid borer susceptible, so the sapwood present in decking may sometimes be treated. Jarrah availability is somewhat limited due to the slow growth of the trees and the fact the timber can only be sourced from old growth forest and native forest regrowth in WA.
Janka Hardness: 1910
Composite Decking: CTTD have a very close relationship with one of the leading Composite Decking suppliers in South Africa. Best Deck ( is a leader when it comes to composite wood decking in South Africa. The product is highly sought after, durable, reliable and affordable and comes with a 10 Factory Year Guarantee. Eco-Friendly Composite Wood Decking at Affordable Prices.

The composite decking materials are manufactured to be eco-friendly. Composite wood products are made up of recycled timber and bamboo, high density polypropylene, UV stabilisers and bonding agents. These materials combined create an exceptional and durable composite product. Composite decking main advantage is that it requires minimal maintenance.


Assisting the client in planning the deck area as well as, evaluating the appropriate materials for the project.
We provide the client with a detailed costing analysis of the decking project with a detailed report on the different costing elements of the decking project.
In partnership with the client appropriate preparation is done i.e clearing of vegetation and other obstructions.
- We provide the customer with assistance in building plans and obtaining council approval if required.
- We design the deck structure to fit in with the clients requirements - i.e. access hatches, sliding panels etc.
The structure materials are waterproofed and a waterproof membrane is also used under the deck to ensure that the structure remains sound.
We provide long term monthly maintenance of the deck through long term maintenance contracts.
We also build and design Pergolas, Screen, Balustrades etc.


CTTD developed a hidden clip system where the deck planks are linked with high strength nylon clips. No screws are drilled through the face of the deck surface. To accommodate the GripClip hidden fasteners CTTD provides a machining service where decking planks are side grooved and stressed grooved. GripClip hidden clip system takes the complexity out of building a state of the art deck.


  • Quick and easy installation with hidden fasteners and stainless steel screws
  • Step-by-step installation guidelines
  • Free on-site assistance
  • Supply and delivery of decking substructure material


  • Screw free decking surfaces
  • Easy alignment of decking planks
  • Automatic adjustment of deck planks


Problems normally encountered when fastening deck planks to a deck structure are eliminated. With traditional fastening methods screws are drilled from the topside into the decking boards and counter sinked. Screws are then either closed by a sealer or doles are inserted to cover open screw holes.
Fastening are done from the side on a 45 degree through the decking clip and therefore there are no protruding screws or visible holes in the deck surface.
The decking clip creates an automatic 4mm spacing and therefore creates perfect alignment of decking boards.
Deck board movement is also eliminated to a large degree by the clip system.